I have always loved to do crafts. I try to create unique gifts for the home. It started at an early age with my Grandmother Dukeshire trying to show me how to crochet.



I love fragrances, and hopefully you will love ours. I like to create different bath products that you don’t see at most stores.



I love Glam, everyone needs some sparkle in their lives. I try to create different beauty products that you can’t get everywhere else.

Freeze Dried


We try to offer unique freeze dried candy and foods.We are always trying new items to freeze dry and offer to our customers.



This year I tried something new with my standing gnomes and my gnome trees. I love to create them. There will be gnomes for every season and a few extras.



I love Manly Scents and of course I want my Husband to smell good, so we do men’s soaps with or without a funny saying. We also do men’s whipped soap for shaving or in the shower.



From using high quality, locally sourced materials to make our products, to small details that always seem to matter, and with our unique vision, along with farmer’s ingenuity, we have a wide variety of products to inspire and delight!

Click & watch to see what makes us different!


In 2015 Jim & Holly bought a ¼ section of land near Wildwood Alberta. They dreamed of starting a farm and living independently. At that time the only thing on the property was a humble cabin. The first animal on the farm was a great pyrenees and they named her Girl. Soon after they bought some chickens for food and to sell eggs to the locals.

They commuted for close to four months back and forth to Drayton Valley to our other house while their barn was being built and while waiting for the park model to arrive. When the barn was finally built and the park model was set, they were living at the farm 24/7. It wasn’t long until they started growing our collection of animals. They bought Emu’s, buffalo, goats , sheep, geese, ducks, and pigs.

Holly is all about everything glitter, shine and what she calls “farmhouse glam”. She likes to take care of her skin and appearance, but wasn’t satisfied with the products available in the box stores or online. So she decided to make her own line of bath and beauty products. It wasn’t long before friends and neighbors were asking about her amazing Dukeshire Farms cold pressed soaps, bath bombs and other products. That’s when Holly decided to start the Shopify store and make her products available to the world.

Jim, however, is not a “farmhouse glam” kind of man. He is an oilfield veteran and successful businessman who wanted to contribute to Holly’s vision of Dukeshire Farms and started making the most amazing freeze dried candy and freeze driedfoods to feature on the website.

Needless to say, the freeze dried snacks were a big hit and people from all over the world ordered from Dukeshire Farms
to satisfy their sweet tooth!




Big box stores and large online sellers have conditions buyers to accept cheap, foreign products instead of quality handmade local products.




Dukeshire Farms will be the #1 purveyor of high-quality, handmade farmhouse glam products & freeze dried foods in Canada because everyone deserves to have high quality, locally sourced, Canadian goods.



We want to provide the best quality products, we want to make you laugh, and we want to give you the best price. We use our  “farmer’s ingenuity” to deliver the most value to our customers every day.


– Produce great quality goods at a fair price.
– Use high quality ingredients and avoid preservatives.
– Go all natural and organic whenever possible.
– Be quick to respond to customer’s needs. Help find ways to make the customer right.
– Our prices should be in reach of the common hard-working person.
– Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, just make a better one.
– Be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism. It makes us better.
– Everyone should be prepared for emergencies.
– Laugh. Don’t take everything so seriously.



Have you ever heard the term, “they don’t do things like they used to”?
The things people bought whether it was machinery, homes, food or clothing was built to last and quality was the main ingredient.

You can agree that much of what you find on the store shelves or from big online retailers today is mass produced junk. Almost everything we buy was made in a big factory where the number of units made takes priority over quality ingredients and quality craftsmanship.
We care about every aspect of the products we make at Dukeshire Farms. Everything we do here at Dukeshire Farms now and in the future is to ensure that we always put quality over quantity, the customer’s needs over our own, and to show the world that small local farms are still valuable.

When you buy a Dukeshire Farms product you are supporting a small business and local farmers. Everyday we work from before sun up and way after sun down making our products and tending to our animals. There is so much passion behind everything that we do.

Holly often wakes up in the middle of the night with a good idea and has to put it in her phone notes before she forgets.

The bottom line is, we love what we do. There is no better feeling than when we get a message from one of our customers telling us how much they enjoy our products. Being able to bring joy to another person just by doing what we love to do is a gift. It’s the reason we get up before the sun and go to bed long after it has set. And the Roosters won’t let us sleep in.

If you read to the bottom of this page, you’re a special type of person. Most folks nowadays have the attention span of a newt and would have stopped reading a long time ago. So, Thank You!