Freeze Dried Candy | A New Popular Style Of Candy

One of the most unique products on the Dukeshire Farms website is freeze dried Candy. Ever since they started offering this, they cannot keep it in stock. And there freeze dried machine is running.
Freeze Dried Candy

Nearly 24 hours a day. Getting more batches of candy to put on their website. While typically, freeze drying is reserved for foods. That needs to have an extended shelf life. In order to keep food for emergencies.

Or to help a person have a camping food kit. However, freeze dried Candy has become popular. Ever since someone thought to put. Candy into the freeze dried machine in the first place.

Typically, freeze dried machines were not available. Two small businesses. Because they were extremely large machines. That cost tens of thousands of dollars. And while machines are now more accessible.

They are still around 7 to 10,000 dollars each. And requires an electrician to install a new circuit. That can draw the amount of electricity. That a freeze dried machine requires. In addition to that, freeze dried machines.

Need to be running for several days at a time. In order to complete the freeze-drying process, called sublimation. Therefore, while it is more accessible. It is still not truly available to individual consumers.

Which is why freeze dried Candy is exploding in popularity. One thing that Dukeshire Farms says they are constantly educating people. Between dehydrating, and freeze-drying. They are similar in the fact that they remove moisture from food.

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But extremely different in how it is done. And what the end product looks and tastes like. Dehydrating, has long since been available. To the general public. It takes a food product, and applies a specific amount of heat.

Over a long period of time, generally anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. In order to remove all of the moisture possible from the food product. However, it does not remove all of the moisture.

And it will seal up the pores where the moisture was present in the food. The end result, is a product that looks remarkably similar. To the food at the beginning of the process. Just smaller, or more dense.

People who bite into dehydrated foods. Will either expect something crunchy, like banana chips. Or something chewy, like fruit leather or beef jerky. When the dehydrating process is done correctly.

It can help the food have a shelf life of approximately ten years. And anyone that has a stove can dehydrate. Even though there are many dehydrators available for purchase. For the average consumer.

Freeze-drying on the other hand. Uses a process called sublimation. To remove approximately 95% of all of the water that is present in that food. Sublimation is a very slow step, whether people are doing food or candy.

Where the food product is taken to a low temperature of 150°C. And then heat is applied. Until the water vaporizes. And causes the entire food to pop-up. While freeze dried Candy was created out of curiosity. There are many different types of food that can be created in this type of machine.

Freeze Dried Candy | Try This Popular Style Of Candy

When people are looking to try something unique, freeze dried Candy should be at the top of the list. In fact, ever since it was first introduced. It is been flying off-the-shelf. Especially at Dukeshire Farms, on their online store.

Though they got there freeze dried machine. In order to make food. That people could have a stable shelf life on. So that they could prepare for camping, or prepare for any future emergencies.

And only put candy in the machine as a fun experiment. However, the products that came out was extremely fun and unique. And their customers simply cannot get enough of them.

They now have one of freeze dried machine that almost is constantly dedicated to candy. And as soon as they put some on their website. It is sold out almost instantly.

The types of freeze dried Candy that they offer include the very popular skittles. That almost explodes, so that the inside is puffed out, a lot like popcorn, but with candy instead. Their next most popular product.

Our freeze dried gummy candies. Such as cola bottles, gummy bears and fuzzy peaches for example. What happens to these, is that they get puffed for love air. And they increase in size about two or three times the original size they were.

They have even tried some unique candy such as chocolates, ice cream and marshmallows. As well as some staple items, fruit. But also trying things like taffy and cheesecake for fun.

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Typically, what happens to all of these products. Is wherever there was moisture in the food. Will create a pocket of air as that water. Was vaporized and vacuumed out of the freeze dried machine.

All of the freeze dried Candy is extremely light and airy. But retains it very intense flavoured of the original food product. Another interesting fact is that freeze dried Candy will have a shelf life of approximately 25 to 30 years.

However, very few people are going to leave their candy alone that long. Even if they purchase it for the idea of saving it into the future. These are very addictive, and people will eat them all up.

If people are browsing the Dukeshire Farms website. And they do not see one of their favourite types of candy. They can contact the website and ask for a custom quote. On getting their freeze dried Candy done.

Dukeshire Farms is more than happy to create customized products. For each customer, from fruit and vegetables. But of course, candy, since it is so popular. If people have not yet tried freeze dried Candy.

They should get to Dukeshire Farms website immediately. Because this is such a popular item, it frequently sells out. The sooner people visit the site. The sooner they will get there freeze dried Candy in the mail, ready to eat.

While they are on the Dukeshire Farms website. They can go shopping for many fun and unique gift items. From bath bombs and soaps. To candles, and fun home décor.