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Many people may have heard about her freeze dried Candy. But have not yet tasted any. It is not usually available in many stores. Because it is something that is being created. By small businesses, and individuals.
Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze drying machines were once prohibitively expensive. Owned only by large food production facilities. To help lengthen the shelf life of the food they prepare. And sell to the end user.

Many people may not be all that surprised to discover freeze dried Candy. That most of the serial that they have for their lives. Have at least in some component been freeze dried. Which means it can stay good on their shelf. For many months, or years.

Without going bad, thanks to the freeze drying process. However, technology has allowed individuals. To be able to purchase freeze drying machines. A lot more easily than they once were able to.

Freeze drying machines are still approximately seven thousand dollars. And people will need to hire an electrician. To wire their building correctly. As it will need its own circuit, and will draw significant power.

However, if people or small businesses would like to do that. They now have the means to. Which is why freeze dried Candy is now growing in popularity. Typically, the reasons why people would freeze dry food at all.

Is because it is a way to preserve the food. So that it can have a longer shelf life. While maintaining the flavoured and nutrients. Many people want to have shelf stable food, peace of mind.

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They may have an emergency kit. Or a room, where they will go. If there is a natural disaster. And they want to make sure they have enough food. And unlike canning, which has a shelf life of about two years.

And dehydrating, that has a shelf life. Of 5 to 10 years. Freeze dried food has a shelf life. Of 25 to 30 years. Maintaining all of its labour. And all of its nutrients for that entire length of time.

However, candy does not have any nutrients in it. And already has a lengthy shelf life. Therefore, the only reasons someone would have. To freeze dried Candy in the first place. But simply be to see what happens.

The freeze-drying process is called sublimation. And the first step is to plunge the candy. Into extreme cold temperatures. Of hundred and 50° below zero. Once that step is complete, all of the water in the candy.

Have frozen, and expanded. Similar to how the water in your a scoop cherry. Expands once it is frozen. Then, the machine heats the candy up. Turning all of the trapped water. Into steam.

And there, the freeze dried Candy has been born. It has a light, airy texture. Because the candy is now full of holes. But now, it maintains all of its intense flavoured, much to the delight of eating.

If people want to try their own Candy. All they have to do is visit the Duke Farms website. They have dozens of different kinds, and flavours available to all.

Freeze Dried Candy | Discover A New Candy Treat Today

Anyone who is a fan of candy, needs to try the freeze dried Candy. It is an Internet craze that is sweeping the nation. Not only are people eating it, they are making it with their home freeze dry machines.

And posting videos of themselves doing so on YouTube, and tick-tock. There is no real benefit to freeze-drying candy. A process that was typically designed. To help increase the shelf life of food.

However, curiosity has people doing the strangest things. And people put candy in the freeze dryer. And were extremely pleased with the results. Therefore, the candy went viral so to speak.

And the people that manufacture freeze dried Candy cannot keep it on their shelves. One such company is Duke Farms, based out of Alberta. They bought their freeze dried machine.

In order to start making meals ready to. For camping and survival enthusiasts. As well as so that people could have. Healthy and nutritious foods. In their emergency kit. In case of an emergency.

However, with the popularity growing of freeze dried Candy. They decided to try making their own. And were extremely pleased with the results. They cannot keep the freeze dried Candy that they have on their shelf.

And they are making new batches, almost around the clock. This is very important. Because it takes approximately two or three days. To make a batch of candy in the freeze-drying machine.

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Which means it does take a while. And people will need to be prepared. To pay a little bit more for the pleasure of eating this interesting type of candy. They also have experimented with many different types of candy.

People can choose between skittles, gummy bears and marshmallows. As well as about a dozen different flavours of ice cream. From regular, commonplace rum raisin, tiger tail and mint chocolate ice cream.

Do some very interesting flavours, such as chocolate blueberry, red pepper habanero and moon missed. While ice cream is one of their flagship products. They also are offering a wide variety of other candy.

Such as pineapple putting balls, lemon squares and black licorice. Pumpkin pie, chocolate banana peanut butter balls, cheesecake and chocolate mousse. Truly, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing which candy to freeze dry.

As well, when people visit the Dukeshire Farms website. Not only will they see a wide selection of candy. But also freeze dried meals ready-to-eat. Such as omelettes, potatoes. But also prepared foods like chili and dill pickle soup.

While they are there, they should shop the candle, soap and gift selections. They will find something that is sure to please everyone. And help them eat there candy, in the most relaxing atmosphere possible.

However, if someone does not see the favourite candy they would like freeze dried. They should send Duke Farms a message on the website. Because they would be more than happy to do a custom candy order. In your favourite flavoured.