Freeze Dried Candy | Have You Ever Eaten This Candy

Even though it has been around for a few years, freeze dried candy is still growing in popularity. And if you have not yet tried this fun, and unique way of creating candy. People should definitely look into it immediately.
Freeze Dried Candy

While freeze-drying is usually the process. Of crating food that is shelf stable. For many years, that people can be prepared. For future emergencies. As well as people who love camping. And do not want to have to buy groceries all the time.

Freeze dried candy was invented. When large, and expensive freeze dried machines. Became more available to smaller businesses. No longer a machine that required a massive investment.

Smaller businesses were purchasing these machines. And trying a wide variety of settings on a wide variety of foods. Similar to that, Dukeshire Farms purchased their machine.

In order to offer some meals ready-to-eat to their customers. And on a whim, put some candy in the machine. To see what would happen. They were incredibly surprised to discover what happened to the candy.

They tried this with gummy candy first. And the process first takes the food. And plunges it into extreme cold temperatures. Usually around hundred and 50° below zero. Once the product is frozen freeze dried candy.

The freeze dried machine increases the temperature. And the result is frozen water that is tracked in the candy. Vaporizes, exploding the candy into a large, puffed up version of itself.

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Not only is it full of pockets of air. It is also usually approximately two or three times its original size. When people bite into the freeze dried candy they will say that it is crispy, although easy to bite into.

And also, has a melt in the mouth texture. The next surprising thing that people say about freeze dried candy. Is that it retains all of the intensive labour. That the original candy had in its original format.

Dukeshire Farms also says that because the candy. Is easy to crumble into dust. Many people purchase the candy, in order to put into. A wide variety of baked goods, and different foods.

People have put the candy dust into milkshakes, smoothies and cookies. As well as icing, cupcakes and muffins. Even things like pancakes, and oatmeal. Get the candy dust treatment.

The end result is a food product. That tastes amazingly like people’s favourite candy. For a unique, and fun twist on their baked goods. Many people often wonder about the differences between freeze-drying and dehydrating.

While dehydrating also removes the moisture from food. It does such in a way, using heat to evaporate. All of the water in food. For a very dense and products. That still looks remarkably similar to the original food products.

The biggest difference between dehydrated and freeze-dried food. Is that dehydrated food can be reconstituted with water. Whereas candy and foods that have been freeze dried. Have been made into something unique. That cannot go back to the original format.

Freeze Dried Candy | Have You Ever Eaten This Fun Type Of Candy

Dukeshire Farms wants everybody to try freeze dried candy. Especially if people love candy, and have not yet tried it in this new way. The unique kind of candy as quickly becoming very popular.

Across Canada, as people hear about. And purchase it from small, independent retailers like Dukeshire Farms. The reason why freeze dried candy was created in the first place. Is because smaller businesses.

Became able to purchase freeze-drying machines. As they drop in price, due to technology. The more small businesses that had these machines. Lead to more and more different types of foods being freeze dried.

And eventually, freeze dried candy was invented. Even though most people want a freeze dried machine. In order to increase the length of time. Staple food items can remain on the shelf.

And candy does not typically need to increase the shelf life. As well, not many people would think to increase the shelflife of something. That is typically meant to be eaten right away.

As well as not many people keep candy for long periods of time. Because it is not considered nutritious staple However, Dukeshire Farms put candy in their freeze dried machine. In order to see what would happen.

And were extremely surprised and pleased at the results. The process, called sublimation. Creates freeze dried food. By plunging the food into extremely low temperatures. Minus 150°C to be exact.

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And then heat is applied. Until the frozen, trapped water particles. Vaporizes from the heat. Creating a puffed texture. That increases the size of the candy two or three times. People who eat the freeze dried candy.

Will say that it is intensely flavoured. Like the original candy. And has a very pleasing mouth feel. A crunch, followed by a melt in the mouth sensation. People typically can eat a large amount of these.

Which is why they typically need to go back to the Dukeshire Farms website. To buy more of this amazing food. They have many different types of candy available. Including fruit, if people prefer their candy more natural.

And, they also have a wide variety of meals ready-to-eat. Such as soups, stews. Potatoes and eggs. But candy remains some of their most popular kinds of food. Of the candy that they have, they have multiple different flavoured.

And different kinds. Which can make the decision process very difficult. However, they should review all the different types of candy. And pick the first few to try. There are skittles, which is the most popular candy by far.

As well as many different types, shapes and flavoured of gummy candies. They have even experimented with ice cream, and offer about a dozen different slavers. As well as caramels, taffy and marshmallows.

And even experimented with some baked goods such as cheesecake and chocolate mousse. Instead of trying to narrow down the very difficult decision. Of which one to get. People should consider getting one of everything, because it will all be hit with their family, or just themselves.