Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Will Last Forever

Not many people expect their candy to last forever, that freeze dried Candy could. Freeze-drying is a process that takes almost all of the moisture. Out of food, so that it has an extremely long shelf life.
Freeze Dried Candy

The freeze-drying process is quite fascinating. And only recently became available. Two small-scale businesses, such as Duke shire Farms. After experimenting with many different kinds of candies and foods.

As well as different settings, to produce the best quality in the final product. They now have a large selection. Of freeze dried Candy on their website. Since creating these delicious items.

They can barely keep them on the shelf, for how popular they are. And there freeze-drying machine is almost always running. The freeze dried process, is completely different than dehydrating. Although the two get mixed up all the time.

The freeze-drying process is called sublimation. And can take one day, for up to three days. Depending on the food that is being freeze dried. Freeze-drying requires a special machine. That can bring a product to a very low temperature.

Approximately hundred and 50° below Celsius. Once it is at this extremely cold temperature. The machine will slowly heat the food back up. Causing all of the water in the product. To vaporized, and leave giant holes of air.

In the food, expanding the size of the food. To much larger than the original candy was. The end result, is a candy that is large and airy. That has a crispy texture, that also melts in your mouth.

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Again, dukes are Farms did the hard work. Of figuring out which candy freeze dries the best. And what settings are most advantageous. To creating the best final product. Their most popular candies sell out fast on their website.

There most popular by far is the freeze dried candy, skittles. Followed by a wider variety of different types of gummy candy. There are many different flavoured, and it all is very popular. Not only because it is a unique texture and size.

Because freeze dried candy retains all of the intense flavour. It had in its original form. Which is very unique, considering the fact that the candy. Has now increased its size exponentially.

The flavoured is still very intense. In addition to the skittles and gummy candy. Shar Farms has experimented with things like fruit. Ice cream and taffy. As well as things like cheesecake and chocolate mousse.

They can do unique things like ice cream or chocolate mousse in their freeze-drying machine. Because it cools the candy first. Which means the cold things do not melts. Before they reach their final form.

Therefore, people can enjoy ice cream. In a completely new way. Not only should they look for different types of candy on the Dukeshire Farms website. People should look for all of the different flavoured that their deep-fried candy comes in.

Visit the website today, in order to find. All the best and most unique candies. As well as the wide variety of soaps, candles and gift items.

Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Will Almost Last Forever

One of the most popular selling products on the Dukeshire Farms website is freeze dried candy. Ever since they started selling this unique item. It has been flying off the shelf as quickly as they make it freeze dried Candy.

Freeze-drying is a relatively new process. And was once only available to large companies. Because the equipment was prohibitively expensive. However, technology has improved. And smaller machines are now more available.

Two smaller businesses, in order to offer. A wide selection of foods such as freeze dried candy. One of the most common questions that Duke Shar Farms it gets. Is from people wondering what the difference is.

Between a dehydrated food item, and something that has been freeze dried. While ultimately, the concept is the same. Removing as much of the moisture from the food as possible. To create something that is new.

And because both processes. Remove as much moisture from the product as possible. They both have an extremely long shelf life. Depending on how things have been stored. And if they have been stored correctly.

Typically, dehydrating can give food. A lifespan on the shelf. Between 2 to 10 years. However, things that have been freeze dried. Will typically have a shelf life of 25 to 30 years. Again, this is only if they have been stored correctly.

This should be compared to food for example. That typically only has shelf life. Of 2 to 5 years. However, they are the first to admit. That people who are purchasing their candy that’s been freeze dried.

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Are not buying the candy to put on a shelf. However, if people would like to have candy in the future. In case of an apocalypse, this is a sure fire way to keep their candy. So that it will last, well into whatever future we have.

The freeze-drying process is called sublimation. Where the product is plunged into a minus hundred and 50° temperature. And then heated to vaporized the water in the process. This creates giant pockets of air.

In the food, which will have the result of increasing the size of the food. And since there is no moisture in it, it will be quite crispy. But not hard to bite into. It has a very similar consistency to Rice Krispies.

In that it is larger than a grain of rice. Very easy to bite into and chew. It is also very surprising to note. That the same intense flavoured that candy had in its original form. Is transferred to the freeze dried candy as well.

Dehydrating on the other hand simply uses a heat source. Over a long period of time to remove the moisture. Typically, a dehydrated product looks very similar. To the Monday dehydrated food, but just smaller or more dense.

The reason why people are going nuts over freeze dried candy. Is because it is new and unique. And gives people the chance to their favourite candy. But in a unique way.

It is also fun to cook or bake with the candy. Because it can be very easy to crush. And then mixed into a wide variety of baked goods, or smoothies, yogurts and milkshakes.