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Almost everybody loves candy, so almost everybody will love freeze dried Candy. At least that is what the statistics say, as this type of candy. Is growing in popularity, all over North America.
Freeze Dried Candy

The freeze-drying process does something fun and unique. To the familiar shapes and textures of people’s favourite candy. Whether people love things like gummy bears, and gummy coke bottles.

Or if they prefer skittles or marshmallows. There is something for everyone on the Duke Scharf Farms website. Freeze dried Candy is different than dehydrated food. Although they both remove moisture from the candy.

Not only does this make for a unique type of candy. But also, it allows the candy. To have an extremely long shelf life. Dehydrated candy can last on the shelf. For 2 to 5 years, depending on the type of storage people use.

While freeze dried Candy can last for 25 to 30 years. Again, depending on the type of storage that people are using to keep it. Although any people are not going to allow their candy to sit on the shelf that long.

If people are creating a bomb shelter, for the end of the world. That might be an important consideration. Because who wants to face apocalyptic future, without candy? The process of freeze-drying candy is very unique.

There is a special machine, that can cost seven thousand dollars to purchase. On the small scale of things. But this machine does, is first of all. Plunges the candy into an extremely cold temperature. Approximately hundred and 50°C.

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Once the candy is frozen, it will heat the candy up. Until all of the liquid in the candy. Vaporizes, which will puff the candy up. Two two or three times its normal size. And fill it full of holes.

Therefore, the once pliable gummy’s or marshmallows. Become large, crispy candies. For love pockets of air. People describe the sensation. Of biting into an, as a crunchy, melt in your mouth texture.

Although, the candy retains all of its intense candy flavoured. That I had in its original form. Because it is filled with holes. And it is very crispy. It can crumble into dust very easily. Which makes baking with it easy as well.

For example, some people have put their favourite candies. That have been freeze dried, into cakes, cupcakes and icing. As well as into smoothies, milkshakes and whipped cream. To create their own fun versions of candy.

Whether people want to eat their freeze dried Candy. If they want to cook with it. Or they want to stock their bomb shelter for the future. It will be able to purchase whatever candy they want from the Duke Scharf Farms website.

If they do not see any candy that they like. Such as skittles, gummies, ice cream, fruit. As well as unique things like taffy, marshmallows and cheesecake. They can always contact the website. And ask for a quote on customizing their own favourite candy for their needs.

Freeze Dried Candy | Enjoy Your Favorite Candy This Fun New Way

Anyone who loves candy, should try freeze dried Candy immediately. It is the newest trend, not just on the Internet. But across the country. People are trying their favourite candies. That have been freeze dried.

One of the first things that Dukeshire Farms wants to point out to their customers. Is that freeze-drying is not the same as dehydrating. Dehydrating is most commonly done on food and fruit and vegetables.

Such as beef jerky, apple and banana chips. As well as dehydrated vegetables. That can be reconstituted. And cooked with at a later date. And while dehydrating is a process. Where heat is applied over a long time.

Which removes the moisture from the food. Keeping the food relatively intact and recognizable. They can be reconstituted with water. If people want to cook with it, or it can be eaten as is. Like dehydrated pineapples for example.

Whereas freeze-drying is a completely different process. That requires a specialized machine. It usually costs around seven thousand dollars, for the entry-level model. This machine first freezes the food.

Two a temperature of minus hundred and 50°C. And then, raises the temperature. Until all of the water in the food. Vaporizes, causing the food to puff up in an extremely large size. Where there was once water.

There is now giant holes. Making the candy large, and light. And most of the moisture is removed. In freeze dried candy, 95% of the water content has been eliminated. Which means it has an extremely long shelf life as well.

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For example, dehydrated food, under the best storage conditions. Can have a shelf life of 2 to 5 years. Whereas freeze dried food has a shelflife, again depending on. The best storage conditions, has a shelf life.

Of 25 to 30 years. Making this perfect for people. Who are stocking things for camping. Or stockpiling for things in case of an emergency. They can put it in their emergency kits. Or their camping kit, and not worry that it will go bad.

However, when people are eating freeze dried candy. They are typically not wanting to keep it. And instead they want to eat it. Many people want to know what is better, freeze-drying or dehydrating.

And ultimately, the choice is up to each individual to make. Both will remove moisture from the food or candy. However, if people want the food. To closely resemble what it was originally.

They should choose dehydrating. However, if people want to have their food. In a unique way. That does not resemble the original, freeze-drying is the way to go. And ultimately why it is so popular these days.

However, one thing that new Scharf Farms wants people to know. Is that restoring process is in of itself expensive. Because not only does it require. Specialized equipment. But it also takes several days to do is well.

Therefore, they might pay a little bit more freeze dried Candy. For their freeze dried candy. But, they believe it is worth it. For how unique and delicious the candy is.