Freeze Dried Candy | The Newest Candy Craze

The newest candy craze is freeze dried Candy. Not because it is a new candy being made. But what people are doing with their favourite candies. Freeze drying has been around for decades.
Freeze Dried Candy

Usually made use of by large food factories. To help preserve the food that they are manufacturing. Some famous examples. Of foods that many people may not even realize. Have been freeze dried our rice crispies.

As well as the marshmallows in Lucky charms. This allows the cereals to have a very long shelf life. So that people do not have to worry about. Eating the box of cereal and a couple of weeks.

However, with how delicious Lucky charms is. It should not be sitting around that long anyway. However, while these large freeze dried machines typically cost. Tens of thousands of dollars.

They are now being made in a smaller size. That is a lot more economical. For smaller businesses, like Dukeshire Farms. They purchased their freeze dry machine for the purpose of making.

Meals ready to eat for people who wanted. Shelf stable food, whether they are preparing for emergencies. And having some food in their emergency preparedness kits. Or, they like going camping with freeze dried Candy.

And want to have staple items in their camping been. That they do not have to worry about from one year to the next. Regardless, they bought their machine and. Saw that freeze dried Candy was growing in popularity.

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So they decided to try some. To see what would happen. They first put skittles in their freeze dry machine. And were extremely impressed at the results. The hard candy coating. Stayed relatively intact.

While the soft chewy stuff inside. Puffed up about three times its regular size. Making it look like popcorn. The once chewy candy turned into. Something that is more akin to melt in your mouth. With the same intensive flavour.

They tried a wide variety of other types of candy. And what they discovered, was quite interesting. The freeze dry machine needed to have different levels of heat. And length of heat setting. Depending on the candy.

For the best overall outcome. They have tried a wide variety of freeze dried Candy. From skittles and gummy bears. To taffy and marshmallows. As well as some interesting selections.

Such as ice cream, chocolate banana peanut butter balls. Cheesecake, and fruit to name a few things. David have many different flavours of each kind of candy. To appeal to a wide variety of consumers. And it flies off the shelf.

Soon as a comes out of their freeze dry machine. It takes approximately two or three days. To finish a batch of candy. Which is why it will be more expensive. Then the cost of the candy in its original form.

But many people prefer the look, taste and texture of this candy. Now that it is been freeze-dried. If people are ready to try freeze dried Candy for the first time. Should visit the Duke Farms website today.

Freeze Dried Candy | The Newest Candy Craze You Need To Know

If people have heard of freeze dried Candy. But has not yet tasted it, they should do so immediately. It is popular, because of the unique look, taste and texture of the candy.

And people can get it from Duke Shar Farms, that has an online store. They offer many different types of candy. Offering a little bit of something for every taste. While they have skittles as their most popular type of Candy.

They also have gummy bears, marshmallows and taffy. As well as interesting types of candy made from ice cream, cheesecake, putting and things like chocolate banana peanut butter balls.

However, many people may wonder how freeze dried food is made in the first place. The freeze-drying process is actually called sublimation. It is a two-step process. Where first, the candy or food that is being freeze-dried.

Is placed in the machine, where it takes the food down. To an extremely cold temperature. Of hundred and 50° below zero. Once the food has been frozen. All of the water that is trapped, expands.

Leaving giant holes in the candy or food. The second step to make freeze dried Candy. Involves heating the food back up. To a warm or hot temperature. In order to vaporized. Or turn the trapped ice into steam or vapour.

Once the water has been vaporized. The candy is left behind. With giant holes in it. So that it is not only two or three times its original size. The candy is now light and airy. With a crispy bite to it.

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That literally melts in your mouth. The most amazing thing about freeze dried Candy. Is that it retains all of the flavour. It is just missing the water. Which means it has all of its flavour.

Therefore, many people believe that the taste actually is more intense. As well, many people love the crispy and melt in your mouth texture. Especially on candy that have been their favourites for years.

Something else that is unique that people can do with freeze dried Candy. Since it can crumble very easily. And be turned into dust. People have been experimenting with baking with the Candy dust.

Even taking freeze dried fruit, such as pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. And freeze-drying them. And then flavouring their cookies, smoothies and milkshakes. As well as icing, and cakes.

With the dust from the freeze-dried food. Whether people are making an intense raspberry flavoured cheesecake. Or, they want to make pancakes flavoured. With their favourite ice cream flavour.

They will be able to do that very easily. By purchasing the Duke Farms Candy. When people are ready to purchase. They should visit the Dukeshire Farms website. They will also be able to see.

All of their other products including meals ready to eat. Such as chili, and dill pickle soup. And pick up some soap, or candles as well. Dukeshire Farms is ready to take your order today.