Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Is Catching On

When people find out that Dukeshire Farms offers freeze dried candy. They often want to know the difference. Between freeze-drying and dehydrating. While both removes the moisture in food.
Freeze Dried Candy

They do this in extremely different ways. With different end results. Therefore, dehydrating is a process that is best. For fresh food, such as meat, fruit and vegetables. And while ultimately, freeze-drying was created.

To increase the shelf stability of meat, fruits and vegetables. Freeze dried candy is becoming popular. And people hearing about it on the Internet. Want to try some for themselves, because of its reputation.

Understand why freeze dried candy is different than dehydrated candy. People need to understand the processes between the two. With dehydrating, in plain terms it is a process where heat is applied to the food.

Over a long amount of time. In order to evaporate the moisture. Out of the food. It usually requires low heat. In order to dehydrate the food without cooking it. And caution must be taken.

To ensure that it does not accidentally go bad. Or spoil, from the process being too long, or onto low heat. The end process of dehydrating. Is food that looks remarkably similar to the food that went in to the dehydrating machine.

And while there are machines people can buy to dehydrate their food. Can also be done in an oven as well. The food can be eaten in that dehydrated format. Such as Apple chips, or potato chips.

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But a lot of the time, the food will need to be rehydrated. By placing it in water. Or cooking it in stews or soups. Dehydrated food, when kept according to directions. Can keep anywhere between two years and ten years.

And gets rid of about 80 to 90% of the water content in the food. This is not really recommended for candy. Simply because it is just going to make the candy more difficult to eat. And candy already has a stable shelf life.

Freeze-drying on the other hand uses a process called sublimation. First, the food is frozen. To an extremely cold temperature of 150° below zero. Once the food is frozen solid.

The temperature is increased. And the heat will vaporized the trapped and frozen water. When the water is vaporized. It creates a puffy texture. By leaving large holes. Where the water was.

The end result, is a product. That no longer resembles the food that it was beforehand. Although the nutrients, and flavoured is intact. As well, many people prefer freeze-drying to dehydrating.

Because many people say the quality of the food. And the quality of the flavoured is better. The vitamins and nutrients will also be the same. And when it comes to freeze dried candy. It will be a puffy, melt in your mouth texture.

That is extremely pleasing. With the flavoured, that matches exactly what the candy taste like before the process. If people would like more information, they can visit the Dukeshire Farms website.

Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Is Catching On Quickly Everywhere

There are many things to consider, when choosing these dried candy. Ultimately, Dukeshire Farms says people should buy one of everything. So they can figure out what their favourite is. As well, there are many different applications.

For freeze dried candy, other than simply popping it into your mouth and enjoying it. However, people need to understand all of the different types of freeze dried candy there is freeze dried candy.

The first, and most popular form of candy that they created a Dukeshire Farms. Were freeze dried skittles. These acted like kernels of popcorn. That exploded, creating these fun, bite sized and crunchy candies.

The next, they tried freeze-drying gummy candies. In a variety of different slavers. These, puffed up to about three times the original size. As the sublimation process. Vaporized all of the trapped water in the candy.

Leaving pockets of air, while has a spongelike parents. It is a crispy candy. That definitely melts in your mouth. If you leave it there. The most amazing thing, is that the slavers are just as intense.

As the candy before it went into the freeze-drying machine. They have also freeze dried marshmallows, taffy, pumpkin pie, banana peanut butter balls. And cheesecake, just to name a few different types.

Of desserts that they have freeze dried. They also wanted to try ice cream. Since the freeze-drying process freezes the product first. So that it retains its shape through the heating process.

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And out of all of the ice cream slavers they have, some of their most popular are there on slavers. Such as tiger tail, mango ice cream, mint chocolate, rum raisin and red pepper habanero ice cream.

The even have an East Coast favourite called moon missed. A delightful meshing of slavers. That has a great base. If people would like to try the wide variety of freeze dried candy, all they have to do.

Is visit the Dukeshire Farms website. They will also see all of the other freeze dried food. That is ready to eat. All they need to do, is hydrated and cook it. In addition to the candy, they have things like chili.

The pickle soup, and cheeseburger flavoured omelettes. Because eggs are one of the best foods. That freeze dried is nicely. And then when it is cooked up, tastes exactly like they eggs, before they were freeze dried.

When people visit the website. Not only will they see the wide selection of freeze dried candy. And other meals, ready-to-eat. But also that Dukeshire Farms has a wide variety of other products.

From many different candles. In many different shapes, and scents. But also different soaps and bath bombs. Brower grown-ups as well as children. And many different home to core and gifts.

Whether people are shopping for themselves, loved ones or both. They are going to find something for everyone. At Dukeshire Farms, the only trick is. Picking which thing to get. However, they can make that an easy decision. And get everything.