Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Is Popular

No matter what you have heard about freeze dried candy. You must try it, before you conform your opinion. It is growing in popularity everywhere. Because it takes favourite candies. And changes them, while leaving the flavoured the same.
Freeze Dried Candy

Ultimately, people should realize. That freeze drying is not originally created. To treat candy. It was some technology. That was designed to increase the shelf life of food. By taking all of the moisture out of it.

It is able to remove 95% of water present in food. Which slows the process. Which the food can go bad. As well, a fun fact about freeze dried food. Is that astronauts took this type of food with them on space missions.

Simply because the process took out so much of the water. So that the spaceship would be as light as possible. Which is why they always took dried food. Another interesting note about freeze dried food.

Is that while it takes out 95% of the water. All of the flavoured, and all of the nutrients in the food remain as well. Many people prefer freeze drying over dehydrating. Because the products usually taste better.

And there are more nutrients that remain after freeze-drying then dehydrating. Ultimately, if people want to know. Which process is better, it depends on a number of factors. If people do not require all of that water.

To come out, then dehydrating is definitely a more accessible option. Because anyone can dehydrate in their oven. And dehydrating machines can cost as low as three hundred dollars.

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While freeze-drying machines. Cost upwards of seven thousand dollars. And will need an electrician to come in. And at a circuit into the house or business. Because it has its own energy requirements.

As well, the difference between freeze-drying and dehydrating food. Is in the final product itself. Dehydrating, takes out the moisture. And the product generally resembles itself. Before the dehydration process.

And many people are able to eat the food as is. Think of beef jerky, apple chips, banana chips or pineapple rings. As well, dehydrating has a shelf life of approximately 2 to 10 years.

freeze dried candy has the process completely change the final look of the product. And cannot be rehydrated, simply by adding water. And having it look like the original. Like you can with dehydrating food.

As well, after freeze-drying food. It is essentially dust. Or can be crumbled into dust. And is usually crunchy, with a melt in the mouth texture. Dehydrated foods need to be chewed carefully.

Therefore, when people created freeze dried candy for the first time. It took these candies that everyone is familiar with. And puffed them up, filling them with air. So that they have a crunch.

With a melt in the mouth sensation. As well, freeze dried candy also has a very intense flavoured. And many people love the fact. That they can have a unique experience with their favourite candy. But still have it taste exactly like their candy.

Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Is Popular Everywhere

Even though freeze dried candy is popular throughout Canada. Not many people have tried it yet. Since it is still just a niche product. The reason why this type of candy is so popular.

Is because freeze-drying machines are now becoming more common. While there still, generally too expensive. For the average person to have one. They are attainable for small businesses.

This is exactly what Dukeshire farms thought, when they bought. There first freeze dried machine. They thought they would be able to sell meals ready to eat. For people who wanted shelf stable food. Whether camping was their activity.

Or they simply wanted to have food. In case of emergencies. Many people have emergency kits. Have food in them. And while a lot of the time, they put can food into these kits. And food has shelf life.

Of only 2 to 5 years. And dehydrated food. He has shelf life of. 2 to 10 years. Therefore, they can offer a lot more stability. To people with freeze dried food.

However, when they heard about how popular freeze dried candy is. They decided to try it themselves. There is definitely a learning curve. Figuring out the right settings and heat for each type of candy.

Two much heat, not enough heat. Heeding the product to long, or not long enough. Resulted in an inferior final product. And seeing as how they have dozens of different freeze dried candy on their website.

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Means that they have a lot of experimenting to do. Before they had products to put on their website. But once they did add the candy products to their website. It flew off their shelves.

They started with freeze dried skittles. Which acted a lot like kernels of popcorn. That would explode, and remains. One of their favourite and most popular types of candy.

Followed by gummy candies, that there are several dozen flavoured of. They also tried freeze-drying ice cream, fruit and marshmallows. As well as ice cream, and cheesecake just to name a few things.

One interesting thing that they noted. Was people were taking their freeze dried candy. And crushing it up, in order to put into. A wide variety of baked goods. Cookies, cakes and icing.

As well as smoothies, milkshakes and puddings. They could make taste exactly like. Their favourite childhood candy. With very little effort. All it takes is a couple of tablespoons of the deep-fried candy dust.

As well, because it pertains a lot of nutrients. Dukeshire farms created freeze dried fruit. Such as pineapples, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. People can add them to smoothies, and baked goods.

And get an extra boost of vitamins. Without even realizing it freeze dried candy. All well getting an amazing boost of slaver at the same time. If people would like to try the wide selection of candy. The meals ready-to-eat, or the fruit dust.

All they have to do is visit the Dukeshire farms website, and go shopping. While they are there. They should also check out the wide selection of gifts. Soaps, candles and the core items.