Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Is Popular

Many people who want to try something unique, should purchase freeze dried candy from Dukeshire Farms. It is sweeping the popularity of the Internet. All across Canada for how amazing it is.
Freeze Dried Candy

While Dukeshire Farms did not invent freeze dried candy. They did purchase a freeze dried machine. In order to provide their customers. A wide variety of freeze dried goodies. Including meals ready-to-eat.

For avid campers, and people who are preparing. To have food in their emergency supplies. Whether they are going to hike into the woods. Or simply want to make sure. That they can eat, in the event of a natural disaster.

This is what the freeze dried machines are typically used for. However, someone put candy into the machine. And the rest as they say, is history. Dukeshire Farms created freeze dried skittles. For their first offering.

And very similar to a kernel of popcorn. These candies puffed up, and created a sensation. They have many different flavours of freeze dried skittles. That they call frittles. Including sour skittles as well.

While this one was very popular. The next freeze dried candy that they tried to make. Were gummy candies. There are dozens of different types of gummy candies. From fuzzy peaches, and sour keys.

As well as gummy bears and gummy worms. These candies puff up really nicely in the freeze dried machine. Creating light and fluffy candy. That has a crunch and then melt in your mouth.

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The next type of freeze dry candy that they made, or taffy and marshmallows. But Dukeshire Farms was always pushing. To find the next most popular items. Because the freeze dried machine freezes food first.

They decided to try putting scoops of ice cream into the machine. To see what happened. The result, is extremely fun. Scoops of what looked like ice cream. But, have a light and airy texture.

The flavoured, that is very similar. The original ice cream, before it was freeze dried. They have tried a wide variety of ice cream flavoured. Having approximately a dozen for sale at any given time.

With regular flavoured such as vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mint and rum raisin. Do some extremely fun flavoured, such as blueberry cheesecake, hero flavoured, moon mist, red pepper habanero, and rum raisin.

They have also tried freeze-drying many different kinds of fruit. Such as pineapple, strawberries and raspberries. And creating dust, to sell as fruit dust. That is extremely easy to blend into people’s baking.

And create amazing creations such as cupcakes with the batter flavoured. Or icing in that flavoured as well. In fact, Dukeshire Farms says anybody can crush their deep-fried candy.

And put it into anything they want to bake. Therefore, if they want to have a unique labour of cookie, or milkshake. All they have to do is add a few teaspoons of the freeze dried candy dust. If people do not see the candy they would like to purchase.

On the Dukeshire Farms website, all they have to do is send them a quick email. And request a candy they would like to make. And they can get a custom freeze dried candy batch made.

Freeze Dried Candy | This Candy Is Wildly Popular

When people go to the Dukeshire Farms website, they may not be prepared to see the freeze dried candy. However, it is one of their best selling products.

Dukeshire Farms has something for everyone. Selling a wide variety of candles, soaps. Ute products, and gifts for the home. As well as freeze dried candy, and meals ready-to-eat.

They got into freeze dried food. Because they wanted to create products. For people who are camping enthusiasts. For people who simply want to have. Shelf stable food in their pantry.

Unlike dehydrating, which allows people to have. A shelf life anywhere between 2 to 10 years. Depending on what the product is. And how it is being kept. Freeze-drying on the other hand gives a longer shelf life.

In fact, if people store their products correctly. They can have their freeze dried goods shelf safe for up to 25 to 30 years. There is a wide variety of products that can be freeze dried as well.

Chili and soup are some common favourites. And on the Dukeshire Farms website. People can find their own unique recipe of chili. As well as dill pickle soup that is ready to be made.

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And while there is a wide variety of food items on Dukeshire Farms website. The most popular out of all of the freeze dried items is the freeze dried candy. Because let us be honest, everybody likes candy.

There most popular candy includes the freeze dried skittles. As well as freeze dried gummy candies. However, they have created. Their own unique products, out of many different types of candy and baked goods that they have tried.

Not only do they have freeze dried ice cream and marshmallows. They also have cheesecake bars, lemon bars, freeze dried pumpkin pie and banana peanut butter balls.

Not only do they have all of these different types of candy that has been deep fried. But they have dozens of different flavoured as well. Ice cream for example, has the most varieties. Out of any other type of candy on the website.

They have standard flavoured, such as chocolate, vanilla and rum raisin. As well as chocolate mint, and Tiger tale. But, they also have some interesting flavoured combinations. Including blueberry cheesecake ice cream.

Orange pineapple mango ice cream. And red pepper habanero. They have even created flavoured putting. That they put scruples of into the freeze dried machine. In order to have a delicious, light and creamy.

Melt in your mouth snack. If people would like to try some freeze dried candy. They need to do is visit the Dukeshire Farms website. However, it is recommended that they pick a few different kinds of candy.

Since they are going to want to try many of the amazing different kinds of candy available. They should also peruse the rest of the website. In order to find any candles, soaps or gift items they would like to have for themselves, or give away.