Freeze Dried Candy | Favorite Candy In A New Way

Freeze dried Candy is sweeping the nation says Dukeshire Farms. They cannot keep it on the shelf at their store online. And people are putting in orders, for customized candy.
Freeze Dried Candy

While candy is always popular. Freeze-drying it has put a fun spin. On everyone’s favourite types of candy. Freeze-drying is the process of removing. 95% of the moisture in food.

Which leaves little air pocket holes. Creating a puffed up, and crispy version of their favourite candies. That will literally melt in your mouth when you take a bite. Part of the reason freeze dried Candy is so popular.

Is because it maintains such a good flavoured. Even though it changes how the candy looks and the texture of its. When people are wondering what type of candy can be freeze dried, the list is almost endless.

At the Duke’s are Farms online store, some of the most popular candies. Include freeze dried skittles and gummy’s. This creates a puffed up, or exploded version. That is a lot of fun. And tastes great.

However, Dukeshire Farms also wanted to experiment with many different types of candy. So they have offered freeze dried taffy and marshmallows. As well as chocolates and care malls.

Duke Shire Farms even tried putting ice cream, cheesecake and chocolate mousse into the freeze-drying machine. The results, is an extremely delicious candy. That does not look like the original, but tastes like it.

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The process of freeze-drying the candy is very unique. And requires a specialized piece of equipment, that starts at about seven thousand dollars. The first step, is plunging the candy into frigid temperatures.

Around hundred and 50°C below zero. Once it is at the extreme cold, the machine will slowly heat the food backup. Which will cause the traps and frozen water. To instantly vaporized. Which leaves giant holes all over the candy.

And have set the candy as well. Since 95% of the moisture has left the candy. It has an extremely long shelf life. However, Duke Shire Farms says that hardly anyone. That is a purchasing there candy, is leaving it for long.

Many people want to know. If freeze-drying candy is the same thing. As dehydrating candy. While they both remove moisture from the food. They are completely different process freeze dried Candy. Dehydrating is a process where a low heat.

Is applied to the food item. Over a long period of time, and it will gradually. Remove the moisture from a product. It will seal up all of the pores where the moisture was present. Causing a very dense version of the food.

That still looks very similar to its on dehydrated version. Dehydrated food can be reconstituted. While freeze dried Candy cannot. There are many reasons to dehydrate or freeze dry food.

And ultimately, it comes down to what people like. Because of how much it puffs up the candy. And changes that while retaining its flavoured. People are becoming huge fans of freeze dried Candy.

Freeze Dried Candy | Your Favorite Candy In A Unique Way

If people are looking for a unique way to enjoy your favourite candy, they should try freeze dried Candy. It is becoming popular, because freeze dried machines. Our becoming available to more and more people.

Freeze-drying used to be a process. That could only be done in large scale food production facilities. And while the machines are still quite expensive. They no longer exists only in massive laboratories.

People can purchase a freeze-drying machine. For approximately seven thousand dollars at a minimum. Although they will have to budget for hiring an electrician. To come in and add a circuit to their home or business.

Because the freeze-drying machine. Draws a lot of power. And it will need to be turned on for several days. In order to freeze dry any kind of food. And even though it is more available. It is not typically conceivable.

For people to do this on their own. But it has made freeze dried Candy more available. To be purchased, because small businesses like Duke Shire Farms. Or purchasing it, and creating their own products.

Some of the most favourite types of candy that Duke’s are Farms is putting in their freeze dried machine. Our the flexible gummy type candies. Gummy worms, gummy coke bottles, and gummy bears. Just to name a few things.

They have a really good texture when they are freeze dried. Puffing up to a large size. Full of holes, where all the moisture lived. However, they have experimented with many different types of candies.

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And have put the hard work into freeze dried Candy of many different types. So that they know exactly what settings. And how long to freeze, and then heat each one. To provide the best texture and flavoured.

Because while it might seem a very easy process. If the process is too fast or too slow. Or left on to long, the quality of the final product of the freeze dried Candy will be very poor. And nobody wants that.

They have tried in addition to gummy candy. Skittles, which is one of their most popular selling candies. As well as things like fruit, ice cream and marshmallows. Chocolate and caramel, and even some unique things.

Such as different slavers of cheesecake, and different flavours of mousse. However, if people visit the Duke’s are Farms website. And do not see their favourite candies. All they have to do is send a quick message online.

Asking if they could do custom orders. They are more than happy to custom any order. However, there may be a minimum order. To fill the freeze-drying machine, however if people love that candy.

They are likely not going to have a problem. With buying a minimum order. If people are ready to start shopping for amazing Candy. All they have to do, is visit the Dukeshire Farms website.

While they are there, they can search the menu of ready-made meals. That are also freeze dried. As well as the gift selections, of soaps, candles and fun gifts.