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Many people may have heard about freeze dried candy. But not really know what it is. In fact, many people often think. That is the same thing as dehydrated food or candy. And nothing could be further from the truth.
Freeze Dried Candy

While they both remove moisture from the food products or candy. The end product is extremely different. With freeze-drying, the initial drying phase actually removes. About 95% of the water that is present in whichever food.

That is being raised dried. This step, is very dependent. On the food that is being dried. And can take several hours, up to forty-eight hours. It is a very slow step, that is crucial for the perfect and results.

For freeze-drying, the water is removed by lowering the temperature. To extreme cold temperatures. And then, turning up the heat. In order to turn whatever moisture remains. Into vapour freeze dried candy.

When this happens, the vapour will explode. The rest of the candy, turning it into a very puffed up. A reversion of what it once was originally. It usually is two or three times the size of its original shape.

And it is not only crispy. But also a fun melt in your mouth texture. This is partly why freeze dried candy is so popular. It is fun to eat, and it retains all of its flavoured. Much to the delight of candy fans everywhere.

If too much heat is applied. The quality of the freeze dried candy will suffer. Making an inferior product. That is not going to be popular with anyone. Naturally, ample testing is required.

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To pull off the perfect freeze dried product. Dehydrating on the other hand, uses heat over a slow period of time. In order to pull all of the moisture out of the food. The end result of dehydrated food.

Is quite simply a much more dense, crispy or chewy version. Of the original food. It retains much of its shape. And, by applying water back to the food. Can rehydrate it. So that people can cook with it, or eat it easily.

While many people like to eat dehydrated fruit as is. The hydrated vegetables. Are typically cooked with. And they are popular, because they have a long shelf life. However, the difference in shelflife between the two products is extremely different.

While dehydrating, can extend the shelflife. From what it was originally, a few days if it was fruit or vegetables. To approximately two or three years. And if it is stored properly, up to five years.

Freeze-drying on the other hand extends the shelflife. To approximately 20 to 30 years. Again, depending on the storage conditions. Therefore, while very few people. Are going to want to keep their candy. For thirty years.

If they are preparing for the Apocalypse, that might be the best option. When people are ready to purchase their favourite freeze dried candy. All they have to do is visit Dukeshire Farms online and shop to their hearts content.

Freeze Dried Candy | Everybody Loves Candy During The Apocalypse

Freeze dried candy is growing in popularity. Because it is such a unique product. That has an amazing flavoured. However, people are confused between freeze-drying and dehydrating.

And want to know what the superior products are. Ultimately, it truly depends on what people want to do. With the final product. They are both popular. And have a market, however freeze dried candy is so new.

That it cannot stay on the shelves. As soon as Dukeshire Farms makes a batch. It flies off the shelves. However, people still want to know. What is a better product or process.

And with freeze-drying candy, they use a process. Called sublimation, where a product is lowered in temperature. To an extreme cold. And then heated very slowly until the water becomes a vapour.

The vapour is then vacuumed out of the freeze-drying machine. Leaving the product. 95% moisture free. It is also a different shape, size and texture. That was before when to in.

Dehydrating, uses slow heat. To remove all of the moisture out of a product. But the end product typically will retain. A lot of the same shape. That the original was in, except more dense.

And while many people love eating. Dehydrated fruit, such as bananas. Apples, and pineapples. Many people are not interested. In eating dehydrated candy. Because typically, it is too hard to be any fun.

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As well, many people want to know. What kinds of candy can be freeze dried. This is the fun part says Dukeshire Farms. They have loved experimenting with a wide variety of candy. And getting the settings until it is perfect.

Two have the best texture, and flavoured. For an ultimate candy eating experience. They have experimented with types of candy such as gummy’s. In a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

They have also tried ice cream, they take a scoop of ice cream. And put it in the freeze-drying machine. Where it turns into a puffy lump. Of intense ice cream flavoured, it is not going to hurt your teeth.

They have also tried fruit, taffy and marshmallows. As well as chocolates, caramel, cheesecake and moose. They have not come across a combination. That they do not instantly love.

However, they do not have every kind of candy on their website. But that does not mean you cannot get it. If they are sold out. Or if people would like a custom order. They would like to hear from you.

There is a button that you can press on their website. To order your own type of freeze dried candy. Tell them what candy you want. They will tell you the minimum order. And then, they make it, custom order and send it to you.

Therefore, when people are ready for something completely unique. They will be able to have that. Whether it is for abutting, or just enjoying. Abel should be able to have whatever freeze dried candy they want. Whether they are enjoying it now. Or saving it for the end of the world.