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All kinds of candy connoisseurs are going to want to try freeze dried candy. It is extremely popular, because it is one of the newest ways. To enjoy your familiar favourite candy.
Freeze Dried Candy

The process of freeze drying candy is quite unique. Which results in a product. That is extremely different from the original candy. However, the taste will be amazing. When people see a puffed up version of their favourite candy.

They tend to think that the flavoured is going to be less intense. However, it for some reason seems to be a more intense flavoured. People love their schedules. It will be very intensely schedule flavoured. If they like gummy’s.

It will be a very intense gummy flavoured. This is one of the reason that freeze dried candy has taken off. In popularity so quickly all over the world. However, many people confuse freeze dried candy with dehydrated food.

People have been dehydrating food in their house for many years. All they need is a source of heat. And a lot of time. They can generally cut the food. That they want dehydrated very thin. And place it under the heat source.

Where the heat will suck a lot of the moisture out. It will not suck all of the moisture out however. And the end results is a product. That resembles very closely. The original food item freeze dried candy. However it will be more dense.

It has a shelflife of anywhere between 2 to 5 years. Depending on the storage process. And this food can be rehydrated. With water. This makes it a great solution. For people who are looking for ways to make their produce last longer.

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People even love eating dehydrated fruit. Such as apple or banana chips. And dehydrated pineapple rings. However, freeze dried candy and freeze-dried food. Is actually extremely different than that.

Rather than a heat source. Freeze-drying, like the name suggests. Uses a freezing process. Called sublimation. Where a machine lowers the temperature of a food. To extremely cold temperatures.

And then, the machine slowly heats the food back up. Causing the water inside the food. To become vaporized, and sucked out of the machine. The vaporizing process puffs the food item up.

So that it is much larger than the original food. As well as has a lot more air in it. It is very puffy, and has a crisp texture. That melts in your mouth as soon you bite into it. There is also no way to rehydrate freeze-dried food.

But you can cook or bake with it. The product will very easily be crushed into dust. And many people have experimented. By putting it in cakes, cookies, icing, they scream and more.

While people can visit the Dukeshire Farms website. And shop the infinite selection of candy. If they do not see what they are looking for. They always have the option of creating a custom order, of their own favourite candy.

Freeze Dried Candy | Everybody Loves Eating All Kinds Of Candy

For people who are looking for a unique candy experience, freeze dried candy is the next thing. They need to put on their list to try. There are a wide variety of different types of candies that can be freeze dried.

Dukeshire Farms has had a lot of fun experimenting. Freeze-drying candy such as skittles and gummy’s. But also freeze-drying a wide variety of interesting products. Such as ice cream, taffy and cheesecake.

They have even tried freeze-drying chocolates and caramel. As well as fruit and chocolate mousse. There is no end of things that can be freeze dried. And a never ending list of things to do with the products once they are done.

The freeze-drying happens in a process called sublimation. Which gives the products a shelflife. Of anywhere between 25 to 30 years. However, ask our Farms hopes you do not wait that long.

In order to sample your first sugary delights of freeze dried candy from their farm. If people are looking for a fun and unique way to consume the candy. They suggest experimenting with cooking and baking with the products as well.

People have successfully put their products. Into milkshakes and ice cream. Cakes and cookies. As well as flavoured icing, for whatever creation they are making. The products crushes down to dust very easily.

While retaining a very intense flavoured. Of the original candy that it was created from. When many people hear about freeze dried candy. They often mistake it for dehydrated candy. Which is not the same thing.

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Dehydrating sucks the moisture out very slowly. With heat, and freeze-drying. Like the name suggests involves freezing the product. To an extremely low temperature. Before heating up back up to vaporized its water content.

Many people want to know what is a better product, freeze dried candy or dehydrated candy. But it all depends on what your tastebuds say. As well as if you are doing something with the end product or not.

Many people like dehydrated food. Because it will rehydrate with water very easily. Which means putting it back in food, like soups or stews. Is very easy. And reconstituted food, can be very nutritious.

And while freeze-dried food cannot be reconstituted. Or put back in its original form. When you cook with potatoes, or eggs for example that have previously been freeze dried. You will never know, that they were freeze dried at all.

It is important that when people are looking to try freeze dried goodies. That they visit the Dukeshire Farms website quickly. As soon as they have a fresh batch of candy. That is out of the freeze dryer.

It will sell out very quickly. Therefore, people should keep looking at the website. In order to snatch their favourite candy. Before it is all gone. Whether they want to eat the candy. Or save it for the end of the world.

Dukeshire Farms has them covered. They will even take custom orders. Whether it is candy, or other food that you want freeze dried. Just let them know the food you are looking for. And they will give you a minimum order and price.