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Even though freeze dried candy is exploding in popularity. There are people who do not know the difference. Between freeze-drying and dehydrating. While it is true, both processes.
Freeze Dried Candy

Remove moisture from the products. The way the moisture is eliminated. And the end result, are ultimately two different things. Dehydrating, has been popular for a long time. But freeze-drying, is a relatively new concept.

With freeze dried candy, they use a process called sublimation. Where a special machine freezes a product. To extremely low temperatures. When they freeze the products, most of the moisture is eliminated.

And then, the machine will turn the heat up. Causing the remaining water to become vaporized. And sucked out of the candy, and puffing up the end results. This leaves the candy a larger version of what went in freeze dried candy.

Full of little tiny holes. Many people who try freeze dried candy. Say that they are expecting the candy to be lacking flavoured. However, this is not true at all. The flavoured are extremely intense.

And the texture, is crispy and melts in your mouth. No wonder candy that is freeze dried is so popular. Not just in Canada, but all over the world. If people are looking for great freeze dried goodies, Dukeshire Farms would be more than happy.

To fill your order, and fill your sweet tooth. In addition to having freeze dried candy for sale. Dukeshire Farms will also make your favourite candy to order. If you do not see something you like on their store.

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They would be more than happy to. Phil whatever dreams and desires you have. All you have to do is let them know what candy you would like. And how much you want to purchase. Then, they will ship it out to you.

As soon as your product is ready. Dehydrating on the other hand. It is a process, that will remove moisture from a product. However, it is using heat over a long period of time. It gradually removes the moisture from eye candy, or most typically.

Dehydrating is used on fruits and vegetables. And that causes the product to deflate. And become dense, as well as chewy. Dehydrated products will rehydrate when introduced to water.

While freeze dried products will not ever. Go back to their original shape, and texture. While many people want to know. What is better, freeze-drying or dehydrating. It all depends on what you are looking for.

The quality, and the flavoured is best with freeze-drying. As well as the shelflife. If people are looking for a product. That they can rehydrate. In order to cook with or eat. Then dehydrated is the way to go.

Ultimately, many people want to know. What the overall cost is. And while freeze-drying is more expensive. It also has a better flavoured, a better texture. And a better overall shelflife.

When people want to fulfil their sweet tooth. All they have to do, is visit the Dukeshire Farms website. And shop to their hearts content.

Freeze Dried Candy | Fact Is Everyone Loves Eating Candy

If you have never had freeze dried candy, you are in for a treat. Freeze drying is the newest candy sensation, and has gained popularity. Because of people learning about it through the Internet.

Many people confuse freeze-drying with dehydrating. And while both remove moisture from a product. The end result is extremely different. The reason why freeze dried snacks are so popular.

Is because it puffs up the candy. And puts pockets of air into it. But it does not lose the intensity of flavoured. Another very interesting trait of freeze dried candy.

Is the fact that it can be very easily crumbled, or pulverized. Into dust. Many people who love to cook and bake. Love buying the freeze dried candy. And crushing it until it is dust. And then putting it in their baking.

For example, if someone wants a very intense. Candy flavoured in a cake. Or in the icing that they put on the cake. Freeze dried foods is a great way to do this. Because the flavoured is so intense, it turns out very well.

And while it can be put. Very easily and very successfully. Into cake batter and frosting. It can also go into a wide variety of other goodies and treats as well. If someone is looking for.

Unique ice cream, they can churn their own. And use the freeze dried dust that they purchase. From Dukeshire Farms. This is especially good, if they are looking for a unique flavoured.

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That they cannot get in other ways. It can go very nicely in the yogurt, and in smoothies. And many people have great results. By making candy flavoured cookies as well.

Therefore, if people want to buy the candy from Dukeshire Farms. In order to eat, or if they want to experiment. And put it into their cooking and baking. Truly, the sky is the limit.

And while they have the most popular types of freeze dried desserts. Such as skittles, gummy’s, a scream. As well as fruit, marshmallows and cheesecake.

They experimented with things such as chocolates and caramel. And moose just for a few things to try. Whether people want to eat them. Or bake with them, they can do either.

Or if someone simply wants to stock up on a wide variety of freeze dried candy. To save for the next twenty or thirty years. In case of an apocalypse. Who wants to face the end of the world, without candy?

When people visit the Dukeshire Farms website. Not only will they discover. A very wide selection of candy. But there are meals ready-to-eat, and other food. As well as a button that people can select.

When they are looking to make a custom order. Such as their favourite candy, freeze dried. Or any types of food that they are looking to get. Whether it is for cooking purposes. Or they are stocking their bomb shelter. In preparation for the end of the world.