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When people visit the Dukeshire Farms website, they will see a selection of freeze dried Candy. Freeze dried foods have been around for a long time. But with the invention of smaller, more affordable machines.
Freeze Dried Candy

Small businesses are buying them, and then offering a wide selection. Of freeze dried foods. From vegetables, produce and meats. To complete meals that have been freeze dried. And the now very popular.

Freeze dried Candy, this is something that is fairly new. As people have not tried freeze drying candy for. Simply because freeze-drying is usually a process. Used to lengthen the shelf life of different foods.

And candy in and of itself. Typically already has a fairly long shelf life. As well, many people are not wanting. To get candy, to put on their shelf for years. Much in the same way that people like to have.

Meals that are ready-to-eat. That have a long shelf life for things like their bomb shelter. Or for their emergency kit. If they ever get trapped in their home for days on end.

However, people who have a freeze-drying machine. At their disposal, often start putting. A wide variety of different types of food in. Just to see what would happen. And, as a result the freeze dried Candy craze begins.

While people typically do not need. To keep their candy for long periods of time. The freeze-drying process changes the candy significantly. By puffing up the candy. To a very large size.

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And putting a bunch of pockets of air into it. This happens when the product is frozen. To extremely cold temperature. And then waited until the frozen water inside the candy. Vaporizes, and explodes the candy so to speak.

The result is a light and airy version of the candy. That is crispy, melts in your mouth. And retains all of the amazing flavoured that the original candy has. Once the first freeze dried Candy was created.

Everybody wanted to try this, and Dukeshire Farms was in on it as well. They tried a wide variety of candies. Figuring out what the best settings were. For each type of candy. Because it is very easy.

To end up with a poor quality product. If the heat process is too fast, or too slow. Or too hot or too cold. They did all of the difficult work in creating their candy treats. So that everyone can enjoy the best final product. They also wanted to try.

A wide variety of different types of candy. To see what would work best. And the end result of many different kinds. Their most popular candy on their Dukeshire Farms website. By far are the freeze dried skittles.

Followed by a wide variety of freeze dried gummy candies. In addition to those, they have experimented with freeze dried ice cream, freeze dried fruit and taffy. As well as some fun experiments.

Involving marshmallows, cheesecake and chocolate mousse. When people are ready for something completely unique. They should visit the Dukeshire Farms website. And pick up a wide selection of candy.

Freeze Dried Candy | Who Wants To Eat Unique Styles Of Candy

Any candy connoisseur who is not yet tried freeze dried Candy. Should do so immediately, because it is quickly becoming. One of the most popular, viral candy sensations on the Internet. And across freeze dried Candy Canada.

The freeze-drying process is called sublimation. And is quite tricky to get correct. It changes for each types of food, what settings to use. And in addition to that, the freeze dried machines are quite expensive to purchase.

Dukeshire Farms wanted to start offering to their clients. A wide variety of meals ready-to-eat. For people who love camping, or who simply wanted. Shelf stable food, for their country. Or for their emergency kit at home.

However, as people who are curious do. They decided to put some candy into the freeze dried machine. Just to see what would happen. And were pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

The first thing that happens when food is put into a freeze dried machine. Is that the temperature will drop, freezing the food. To approximately hundred and 50° below zero. And then, heat is applied.

The amount of heat, and how fast the heat is applied. Depends on a wide variety of factors. And will change for each type of food that is freeze dried. But ultimately, the process takes the frozen water vapour.

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And instantly turns it into steam. And will be vacuumed out of the freeze-drying machine instantly. When the trapped, frozen water. Turns into steam. It creates a puffed final product. That does not represent the original food very closely.

It will be about two or three times its original size. And full of air bubbles. Whether it is gummy candy, ice cream or marshmallows. The thing that is most surprising. Is something that is so full of air

Is it still so full of flavoured, people say when they try freeze dried Candy for the first time. They are not expecting to have such an intense flavoured experience. As well, even though it is a crispier texture.

It is not rock hard. And not difficult to bite through. Therefore, it has a great texture for eating. But also, it crumbles into dust very easily. Which means many people take their favourite freeze dried Candy. And crumble it.

To put it in a wide variety of products. Such as in their baking. Such as cupcakes or acing. They put it in their milkshakes and smoothies. Even sprinkled on top of ice cream for a unique Sunday idea.

Regardless of how people are utilizing their freeze dried Candy. Dukeshire Farms says hardly anyone is purchasing it. To put it on the shelf for many years. If they do not see on the website. Products they would like to try.

They can always reach out through the contact form on the website. And ask them for a customized quote. On doing a custom order. Creating their favourite food, candy. So that they never have to be without their favourite kind.