Freeze Dried Candy | Why This Candy Is Selling Out

Whether people are huge fans of candy or not, they should try freeze dried candy just once. It is unique, and currently a fad that is taking over. The Internet, across Canada.
Freeze Dried Candy

One of the first questions that people have. Is wondering if freeze-drying. Is the same as dehydrating. And while the goal of both processes. Is to get rid of. As much moisture in the food as possible.

In order to increase the shelf life stability of the food item even in freeze dried candy. They ultimately, are two different processes. That result in two very different products. As well, dehydrating is a process that many people can do themselves part

And while there are dehydrating machines. That people can buy themselves. Dehydrating can even be done in a regular oven. And it is a popular project, whether people are making dehydrated fruit and vegetables.

Or making their own beef jerky for example. With dehydrating, a heat source is applied to a food. Over a long stretch of time. And this will evaporate all of the moisture from the food. Resulting in a freeze dried candy product.

That is extremely dense. And smaller than the original, but resembling the original food. In almost every other way. The colour will be the same, and in fact after dehydrating. People can restore the food to what it once was.

Simply by rehydrating it in water. Many people will eat their dehydrated foods. As is, like beef jerky, or banana chips or apple chips. However, another popular way to consume this food.

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Is to rehydrate it in water, and then cook with it. Such as dehydrated potatoes, carrots and onions. And it increases the shelf stability of the product. So that it can stay extremely nutritious. For many years.

In fact, dehydrating can allow food to be kept up to a decade. As long as a person is careful about how they store it correctly. Freeze-drying on the other hand is a completely different process. That requires special equipment.

Freeze dryer can now be purchased for approximately. Ten thousand dollars, which includes the cost of hiring an electrician. To rewire their home or business. Because it will need special electrical requirements.

Freeze-drying plunges the food into an extremely low temperature of 150° below Celsius. And at this temperature, all of the food is completely solid. And all of the water in the food is frozen as well.

The next step, is slowly eating the food up. Which will cause the trapped, frozen water. To vapour rise. And then be vacuumed out of the freeze-drying machine. Leaving pockets of air where the moisture once was.

The final product, is larger. And full of holes. And there is literally no way of restoring the original version of the food. Once it has been freeze dried. The freeze dried candy is so popular.

Because it is light and fluffy. And tastes so similar to the original candy. If people would like to eat some freeze dried candy. All they need to do, is visit the Dukeshire Farms website. And order their favourite flavoured.

Freeze Dried Candy | Why This Candy Is Constantly Selling Out

Many people may not have even heard of freeze dried candy before. However, it is increasing in popularity. Thanks to the Internet, and the availability of freeze drying equipment.

Freeze-drying was once not widely accessible by many people. Because the machines were extremely large and extremely expensive. Many people often heard about freeze dried a screen.

That astronauts used to take to the moon. And that was the type of company that could afford a freeze dryer, NASA. However, with the technology being made more widely available. Machines are coming down in price.

And people or small businesses can now purchase. A freeze dried machine for approximately ten thousand dollars. Including the cost of an electrician to install it.

Freeze-drying is a unique process. That freezes the food. And then vaporizes the frozen water. Leaving holes in the food. While freeze-drying is a process that is usually done to help people keep food for longer.

Freeze-drying candy freeze dried candy was created. Just to see what would happen if people put some candy in the machine. Dukeshire Farms bought their freeze dry machine. In order to be able to offer people.

A wide variety of tasty and nutritious meals. That would have an exceptionally long shelf life. Most freeze dried food, when stored correctly. Can last up to twenty-five or thirty years.

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However, with the popularity of freeze dried candy. They decided to try their hand at making their own. And while there was a bit of a learning curve. The amount of heat, and how long or short to apply it.

Would result in different levels of quality. They soon, had dialled in the best settings. For a number of different delightful candy options. Their first candy that they deep-fried were skittles.

And as the water vaporized. The skittles acted like kernels of popcorn. Popping, with the candy shell exploded. And the inside, puffed out around it. This is their best selling candy to this day.

The next candy they tried. Were squishy gummy candies. They tried several different kinds. And all of them are extremely popular. From coal a bottles, gummy bears and gummy worms. And even fuzzy peaches to name a few.

However, they soon got very creative with their different types of freeze dried candy. Freeze-drying balls of chocolate mousse, marshmallows, banana peanut butter balls. And even ice cream.

Ice cream is another one of their best selling products. And they have dozens of different flavoured. From the very traditional, chocolate, vanilla and rum raisin. To some fun kinds, such as Tiger tale.

And some extremely unique flavoured. Such as moon mist, and red pepper habanero. However, despite the fact that they have dozens of different kinds of candy on their website. If people do not see what they would love.

They are encouraged to contact Dukeshire Farms on the contact form on their website. And order a custom batch of candy. In order to satisfy their craving, in a fun and unique way.