Freeze Dried Candy | Why This Candy Is Trending

If people are looking for unique way to enjoy their favourite candy, they should try freeze dried candy. It is extremely popular, especially because more small businesses. Are able to purchase the equipment to make freeze dried foods.
Freeze Dried Candy

As well, the wonder of the Internet. Is highlighting the popularity of this candy. So that more people want to try it. However, the creation of this delightful new candy. Was actually in accidents.

The idea behind a freeze dried machine. Is to eliminate waste. And protect food for a long time. This is great for people who want an emergency source of food. In case of emergencies, such as being trapped in their home due to a natural disaster.

Or they are camping enthusiasts. And want to have some staples in their camping supply. They do not have to take out. And replace from one year to the next. Therefore, freeze dried food makes a lot of sense.

However, there is no reason. For people to have tried freeze drying candy. Because Candy already has a long shelf life. And there is not a lot of water content in candy either. That will inspire people to try and create candy. That will last a long time.

And in the past, it was usually large companies. That had it very expensive freeze-drying machines. However, smaller versions are now being made available. And while still quite expensive.

Anywhere between seven thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. Per machine, after adding things like pump tray liners and oil. As well as calling an electrician. To wire the machine into their circuit.

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Because it will draw so much energy that it should be on. Its own circuit, instead of on a circuit with anything else. However, 7 to 10,000 dollars is still achievable. For small businesses, which is why now.

These smaller businesses are able to offer things like meals ready to eat. But it was the bringing freeze dried machines to small businesses. That led to the invention of freeze dried candy.

Someone thought it would be interesting to see. What would happen to candy if it was freeze dried. And the result of that experiment, was very successful. Created a puffed up candy. That not only tasted amazing.

But also, had an amazing texture as well. Therefore, they started making some to sell. And the rest is history. While freeze dried candy continues to be extremely popular. It is still a very niche market.

This is exactly why Dukeshire farms started selling freeze dried candy. They initially got there freeze dryer. In order to offer meals ready to eat two people who were survivalists, or people who are into camping.

However, the candy is their most popular product. They sell out very quickly. But they are constantly making new batches. So they encourage people to check back on the website often.

If they do not see what they are looking for. And if people love candy and have not tried it yet. That something that they should fix right away.

Freeze Dried Candy | Find Out Why This Candy Is Trending

One of the most popular trends in the candy market is freeze dried candy. This is when people take candy that already exists. Such as skittles, marshmallows or gummy bears.

And puts them in a freeze-drying machine. Freeze-drying is a process that is technically called sublimation. And the process involves. Initially freezing the food, to an extremely low temperature.

Usually around minus 150°. And then, the food is heated slowly. And the process of heating frozen food. Turns the trapped frozen water. Into vapour, will and it leaves a air pocket. Where the water once lived.

The result, is that the candy, often has this puffed up. Or exploded look to it. Very similar to popcorn, once it pops. The candy is a bit crunchy. But not tough to bite into. And it has a melt in your mouth texture.

The striking thing about candy that has been freeze dried candy. According to everyone who has tried it. Is that the candy itself keeps an amazing flavoured. That tastes the same as its original format.

Therefore, not only is it a fun version of the original. It still tastes every bit as good as the original as well. When Dukeshire farms started offering freeze dried candy. They started with skittles.

And found that they puffed up a lot like popcorn. The hard candy coating shell. Stayed intact. While the soft candy inside. Exploded out of it. And it looks very similar to popcorn. And has a great crunch to it.

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Next, they started freeze-drying gummy bears. And all sorts of gummy candies. And these, puffed up like race crispies. The love air, and crispy to eat. With a very intense labour.

Then, the sky was the limit on Dukeshire farms. Trying many different candies in their freeze dried machine. From ice cream and fruit. To marshmallows and cheesecake. Truly, the sky is the limit.

And while they have dozens of different kinds of freeze dried candy on their website. If people do not find what they are looking for. They can always send a quick email asking for a quote on a custom order.

They cannot Dukeshire farms know exactly what candy they would like freeze dried. And they will get a price, and a minimum quantity. That way, if anyone has an absolute favourite candy.

They can get a freeze dried version of it. What is even more interesting. Is that many of the people who are taking these candies. They are not necessarily eating them either. They are often baking with them as well.

Putting them into cake recipes. Acing cakes with acing that has the freeze dried candy dust mixed into it. As well as milkshakes, smoothies and more. If people would like to try it for the first time.

All they need to do, is visit the Dukeshire farms website. And browse the selection of candy for the one they like to try. They should always err on the side of caution, and get a few more all different kinds. So that they have several to try.