Freeze Dried Candy | Your Favorite Candy Reinvented

Have you heard about freeze dried Candy yet? It is the newest candy craze sweeping the country, and the Internet. And the mouths of people across Canada. It may sound like a new type of candy.
Freeze Dried Candy

But all it is, is a reimagining. Of people’s favourite candies. That they have enjoyed as children, or adults. What it is, as people taking candy. And then putting it into a freeze dry machine.

The process is called sublimation. And is actually very simple. Usually freeze drying food has the intended effect. Of lengthening its potential shelf life. While preserving nutrients and taste.

Freeze dried food can last on the shelf. When properly stored, for up to 25 to 30 years. Whereas dehydrated food can only last. For up to ten years. And canning only 2 to 5.

As well, dehydrating and canning foods. Also destroys some of the nutrients. That is completely maintained by the freeze-drying process. However, nobody started freeze-drying candy. Hoping to preserve the shelf life, or nutrients.

However, any humans with a new piece of equipment or technology. Is bound to experiment. Which is exactly how freeze dried Candy was invented. Someone decided what to see what would happen.

If candy was placed in the machine. The first step, is that the machine will decrease the temperature to an extremely cold temperature. Usually around 150° below zero. Anyone who has been around ice, or winters in Canada.

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Will know that when water freezes, it expands. Therefore, the candy or food that is being freeze dried. Expands as well. And then, the machine heats the food. To a temperature that allows the frozen water.

To vaporized, or turn to steam. Leaving the candy behind, with holes wherever the water was. The end result is a very lights, expanded candy. That is crispy and melt in your mouth at the same time.

Each type of freeze dried Candy. Requires its own settings. Such as what he must be turned up to. And how long, or short the heat process should take. One batch of freeze dried Candy will take approximately.

Two or three days in the freeze dry machine to complete. Therefore, because it takes so much time. As well as uses so much energy to create. A bag of your favourite candy that has been freeze dried. Will cost more than the candy originally did.

However, for many people. They much prefer the taste and texture of candy. Once it has been freeze dried. Think of the texture of rice crispies, how they are crispy. But also not at the same time.

And that is the approximate texture of candy once it has been freeze dried. If people would like more information. Or they are ready to purchase their first bag or two. They should visit the Dukes far farms websites.

Not only do they have dozens of different kinds of candy for sale. But they also have several meals ready-to-eat as well. Such as chili, and dill pickle soup. There is something for everyone at Duke Scharf arms.

Freeze Dried Candy | Your Favorite Candy Has Just Been Reinvented

When people are looking for a unique candy to try, freeze dried Candy is definitely something to buy. It is a new sensation, that is quickly spreading across Canada. Especially as smaller businesses.

Are now purchasing the freeze-drying machines. Now that they are accessible size. And a cost that is easier to swallow. Large freeze-drying machines were only used in large food factories.

In order to preserve the food that they were preparing. Many people have been eating freeze dried foods for many years. Without even realizing it. For example, the serial rice crispies.

Is freeze dried rice. They put the rice in they freeze dry machine, which expanded its. And the reason why the ingredient list. On the box of rice crispies just has one ingredient, rice. Another common food item.

That many people have eaten that has also been freeze dried are the marshmallows in Lucky charms. That way, the serial can be left on the shelf for a couple of months. Or more, if it is not opened.

However, while the purpose of freeze-drying food is usually. To preserve it. While maintaining the nutrients and taste. The purpose of freeze-drying candy. Is simply for novelty and taste.

Many people claim that they prefer the taste, the texture. As well as the look and presentation of freeze dried Candy. And there is no end to the amounts of candy that can be freeze dried.

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At Dukeshire Farms, their most popular product are the freeze dried skittles. As well as the freeze dried gummy bears. But they also have experimented. With many other types of candy including black licorice.

Pineapple pudding, mango, chocolate and blueberry cheesecake. Fruit such as pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. As well as food like lemon squares, the Nana pain at butter balls.

And a wide variety of ice cream flavours. From typical and standard ice cream flavours. Such as chocolate mint, rum raisin, chocolate and vanilla. To some more exotic flavours freeze dried Candy.

Such as red pepper habanero, moon missed, Tiger tale. And orange pineapple ice cream to name just a few. However, if people go to the Dukeshire farms websites. And not see their favourite candy.

All they need to do is submit a form on the website. And request their favourite freeze dried candy. They will get back to each person. Letting them know the cost. As well as what the minimum order would be. However, that should not be a problem.

People are getting their favourite candy, in a unique presentation. And while of course, eating deep-fried candy. Is the most popular thing to do with it. Many people are putting it into their baked goods as well.

For example, they can crush their candy into dust very easily. And then put it into things like putting, cheesecake. Icing, and cupcake batter. As well as cookies, milkshakes and smoothies.

If anyone would like more information about freeze dried candy. Or just to browse the Dukeshire Farms website. They have to do is visit www.dukeshirefarms.com.