Hop on the most popular candy craze with freeze dried candy! Enjoy your favorite candies and flavours, with a new twist! The candy puffs up during the freeze drying process, making it light and airy, with a melt in the mouth texture. The best part is, the flavour is as intense, or better than before freeze drying it! Shop our selection of candy and flavours. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom order!


Freeze dried snacks are a perfect way to enjoy all your favorite treats! The best part? They will last through the apocalypse! The freeze drying process eliminates 95% of the moisture, so they remain shelf stable for 25-30 years! Stock up now…just in case!

Fruit Dust

Did you know that freeze dried food retains all of its flavour AND all of its nutrients? When you get our Apocalypse brand fruit dust, you can add a punch of flavour and vitamins to anything you are cooking or baking. Since the fruit dust retains all its flavour too, you can create fun new recipes! Try adding it to cake batter, icing, milkshakes, smoothies, cheesecake and more! YUM!


This is the perfect product for people who like it saucy! All of our recipes are taste tested to be perfect! When we freeze dry our sauces, all the flavour remains! Make a little, or a lot – it’s completely up to you! These sauces are easily reconstituted with some water for fast and delicious meals!


Meals Ready To Eat are a staple with people in the military, campers and people who want some nutritious and delicious food in their emergency kits. These meals are not only nutritious – keeping more nutrients and vitamins than dehydrating or canning. But they also have a shelf life of 25-30 years! Choose a selection of these meals and make the apocalypse tasty!


Let’s face it, there’s no time for fancy cooking during an apocalypse! If you don’t see something you’d love to have in your post-apocalyptic pantry, let us know! We can make custom orders. Tell us what you would like, and we can let you know the price and minimum quantity. No request is to big or too small!



A different way to eat

From using high quality, locally sourced materials to make our products, to small details that always seem to matter, and with our unique vision, along with farmer’s ingenuity, we have a wide variety of products to inspire and delight!

Click & watch to see what makes us different!


In 2015 Jim & Holly bought a ¼ section of land near Wildwood Alberta. They dreamed of starting a farm and living independently. At that time the only thing on the property was a humble cabin. The first animal on the farm was a great pyrenees and they named her Girl. Soon after they bought some chickens for food and to sell eggs to the locals.

They commuted for close to four months back and forth to Drayton Valley to our other house while their barn was being built and while waiting for the park model to arrive. When the barn was finally built and the park model was set, they were living at the farm 24/7. It wasn’t long until they started growing our collection of animals. They bought Emu’s, buffalo, goats , sheep, geese, ducks, and pigs.

Holly is all about everything glitter, shine and what she calls “farmhouse glam”. She likes to take care of her skin and appearance, but wasn’t satisfied with the products available in the box stores or online. So she decided to make her own line of bath and beauty products. It wasn’t long before friends and neighbors were asking about her amazing Dukeshire Farms cold pressed soaps, bath bombs and other products. That’s when Holly decided to start the Shopify store and make her products available to the world.

Jim, however, is not a “farmhouse glam” kind of man. He is an oilfield veteran and successful businessman who wanted to contribute to Holly’s vision of Dukeshire Farms and started making the most amazing freeze dried candy and freeze driedfoods to feature on the website.

Needless to say, the freeze dried snacks were a big hit and people from all over the world ordered from Dukeshire Farms
to satisfy their sweet tooth!




Big box stores and large online sellers have conditions buyers to accept cheap, foreign products instead of quality handmade local products.