Body butter
Description If your poor hands are feeling the effect of COVID-related hand washing, you're in luck! Our new line of body butters is the decadent treat your skin has been...
$23.95 CAD
Faux-fur headbands
Description What can we say about these GORGEOUS faux-fur headbands? Well, how about how beautiful and luxurious they are? Or how they keep you warm without a toque? Or that...
$39.95 CAD
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Luscious hair spray
Description Once you try this amazing hair spray, you won't go back! Contains all natural ingredients that may promote and speed speed hair growth, counter hair loss, and aid with...
$13.95 CAD
Massaging Soap Saver Cozy
Description We love the Crocheted Massaging Soap Saver Cozy! Fill with your favourite bar of Dukeshire Farms soap, then pull the drawstring for a reusable, no-waste bath accessory that gently...
$10.00 CAD
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Sugar Scrub
Description These are awesome for feet and hands! Jarred scrub available in Grapefruit scent only (no saying) Directions: In shower or bathtub, wet product and gently rub or massage over...
$15.95 CAD
Gift Boxes for Her
Description Perfect for Mother's Day - or as a "just because" gift all year round! Our mom boxes are filled with the perfect pampering products, because Mom's worth it! Blue...
$46.95 CAD
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Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm
Description You won't believe how good this lip balm feels - and how FABULOUS it smells! Our new lip balms have what it takes to conquer the toughest winter weather...
$9.95 CAD