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Pure indulgence! Bath Salts available in four fragrances: strawberries & cream, melon tini, cabernet sauvignon, and purely seductive.


  • Strawberries & Cream: fresh strawberries with a hint of cream.
  • Melon Tini: A combination of melons, juicy mandarin oranges, lemon, and tart limes.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Scent of wild grapes with hints of strawberries and a light alcoholic background.
  • Purely Seductive: This is a blend of woodsy Egyptian musk and enchanting patchouli, cinnamon, orange blossom, and with a light hint of anise. This scent is amazing!!!


 Dead Sea Salts, Epsom salts, baking soda, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oils.

Product weight: 5 oz, A note of caution for heart patients:  Dead Sea Mineral Salt contains magnesium crystals therefore please check with your physician before using these salts in your bath.


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