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What is The Dukeshire Videos Page About?

Our Vlog page is where our videos are published on the Dukeshire Farms website and the Dukeshire Farms YouTube channel to provide an insider’s view of who we are and what we are all about. We love to create new and interesting products so sharing videos about what’s happening at Dukeshire Farms helps keep our fans informed.

Why Did You Start Making Videos?

At Dukeshire Farms we decided to start making videos to let more people know about our products. Seeing as we have an ecommerce store, selling freeze dried candy and our signature whipped soy candles, we thought everyone should know about it!
In reality, we didn’t want to do it and probably would never have done it if we were not encouraged to do it by our coach.

Also, writing a book seemed way more difficult than making videos. We had thought about writing a blog, but writing isn’t nearly as fun as making our Gnome Family.

Your Gnomes Are Awesome. Can You Make Some Videos About Them?
We love our Gnomes too! One of the best things about them is that we can be very creative when thinking up new characters. So far we’ve made Christmas gnomes, Yellowstone themed gnomes, a Willy Nelson gnome and soon will have a collection of Valentine’s Gnomes.

Making videos about our gnome family is something we are working on and will be happy to share on all our social media platforms.

Who Are These Videos For?

Our videos are for anyone who is up for a laugh. Anyone who knows us, is fully aware of our unique sense of humor. We like to cut up and have fun. We also share some interesting facts about the process of freeze drying candy and other foods for anyone who wants to give it a try. Even folks with similar businesses to ours might learn a thing or two from these videos.

It would be much appreciated if you liked, shared and subscribed to our YouTube channel. It helps get us out there more and hopefully, get more folks ordering our gnomes, soy candles, and freeze dried candy and foods.

Why Would You Give Away Your Secrets?

Picture this scene in your mind. You’re driving down a rural country road on a cold and dark night. You observe ahead in the distance a car pulled over with its flashers on. As you get closer you see a young couple standing outside their car, assessing their predicament while their young kids are inside getting colder by the minute. She is holding her phone as a flashlight while her husband is trying to change a flat tire. They are both cold, shivering and improperly dressed. What do you do? Do you offer some help or keep on driving? If you’re like us farm-folk, you’d stop and offer some help. Probably even call in some favors from your neighbors too.
Of course it’s not possible to help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.
That’s why we don’t mind sharing some of our protected “secrets” because it’s the right thing to do.

Small family-run businesses like ours are the lifeblood of the economy and the community. That’s why we believe the community as a whole would be more likely to prosper if they shared information more freely, rather than viewing every detail as a “trade secret”. We do run the risk of helping our competitors, ultimately, we believe a struggling economy is a bigger hurdle than some healthy competition.

Do You Make How-To Videos?

At the moment we don’t have any how-to videos to demonstrate how we do what we do. In the future we hope to create a number of short videos from our workshop to provide an even better insider experience. For the time being, we have these long-form videos for you to watch.

Holly & Jim Don’t Seem Comfortable in The Videos. Why is That?

We aren’t comfortable in front of the camera! It’s a completely new thing for us to talk about what we do and to be ‘exposed’ on video.
If you’ve never made YouTube videos before, it’s kinda like asking someone to go skydiving. You’re not sure what to expect, it’s terrifying but you have to try to look normal and comfortable. We believe that as we do more videos, we will become more and more comfortable to the point where we can talk and share as if the camera wasn’t there. Until then, we will continue to make our videos and try to not be so stiff.

What if I Have a Topic I’d Like to See on Your Channel?

We would really enjoy hearing what our customers and fans want to know about. Sometimes it’s hard for us to come up with different ideas for great video content. Viewer feedback and suggestions is very welcome.
If you have a suggestion for a video topic, send us an email at info@dukeshirefarms.com and we will definitely consider making that content for you.




Big box stores and large online sellers have conditions buyers to accept cheap, foreign products instead of quality handmade local products.

Are You Looking For Guests On Your Channel?

If you are willing to make the journey out to Wildwood Alberta, we would welcome you as a guest on our channel. Especially if you are a small rural business owner like us. We could share ideas to our fans that will help them with prepping or learning to be more independent and self-sufficient. If you happen to come out for a tour of the farm and be a guest on our videos, be sure to bring a pair of rubber boots. It can get muddy out here.

Thanks For Stopping By!

We really do appreciate people checking out our videos. It is our sincere hope that you either learned something, felt inspired to try making something with your hands, or just had a laugh at our expense. Customer service and pride of workmanship is the reward. We truly love what we do. That is why we work so hard from sun up to sun down making unique whipped soy candles, house wares, gnomes, freeze dried candy, freeze dried foods, and all the other stuff we make.